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The secret behind smile design

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Why a Test drive?

You wouldn't buy a new car without taking it for a spin first. Why should a new smile be any different?
By seeing and feeling your new smile you get a glimpse of the emotional impact it will have on the rest of your life.


What makes us different?

Now our unique protocol gives you a chance to actually test drive your smile before committing to any treatment. It's a world firsthand it's something we are very proud of at DSD Clinics.


Where magic happens

How does the DSD protocol work for you?
Stay tuned...

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Step 1. We scan

Our state-of-the-art scanning, measuring and image-capturing technologies enable us to map out, like never before an incredibly precise 3D simulation of your mouth. From the inside out.


Step 2. We Design

We combine these measurements with your expectations on how you want your smile to look. Together these form the foundations for our smile designers at the DSD Planning Centre in Madrid to get to work on creating a treatment plan for you.


Step 3. We print

Then, before a single dental intervention takes place, we use high precision printing technology to create a mock up of your new smile that was designed at the DSD Planning Centre. A prototype that you can wear, see and feel!


Step 4. You try

Mock up in place, it's time for our DSD Coordinators to capture beautiful images and videos of you, with your new smile. It's a life changing moment. And it's when Emotional Dentistry gets real!

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Why wait?

Curious to see and feel a DSD Smile?
Contact our DSD patient coordinators and Test Drive your smile!

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