Privacy Statement

Our dental fees are subject to the Dutch HealthCare Authorities fees which applies to all dental care givers in The Netherlands. These are specified on their website and also on www.allesoverhetgebit.nl.

We are a member of the Dutch Dental Association, ANT which covers the terms and conditions for your treatment, a copy of these is available through our office upon your request and attached to your treatment plan.

We value your privacy, this is specified in the privacy statement which you can find here.

Please find here the most relevant treatment fees with lab costs stated separately. Not included are additional costs to complete your treatment such as x-rays, aesthetics and extra consultations.


  • DSD Natural Restorations Porcelain  per tooth: 550 e

  • DSD natural restorations Composite per tooth: 200 e

  • DSD Temporary crown per tooth: 150e 

  • Implant crown screw retained with surgery: 2100e (lab implant crown 500e included)

    • Implant crown with separate abutment with surgery: 2200e (lab implant crown 600e included)​

    • Bone reconstruction surgery and implant crown per tooth: 2900e (lab implant crown 500e included)

  • Internal sinus lift with bone reconstruction: 805e

  • Gum correction per 6 teeth: 390e 

  • Mouthguard: 90e (lab 65e included)

  • Orthotic splint with Tens Bite registration: 435e (lab 130e included)

  • Nightguard: 90e (lab 65e included)

  • Full upper and lower dentures: 1320e (lab 750e included)

  • Upper or lower denture: 770e (lab 450e included)

  • Partial denture: 410e (lab 325e included)

  • Frame: 1210e (lab 900e included)

  • Rebasing denture: 120e (lab 90e included)

  • Digital Smile Design 

  • Digital Smile Design  Aesthetic planing: 525 e

  • Digital Smile Design Function planing: 725e

  • Digital Smile Design Invisalign planing: 500e

  • Digital Smile Design Implant and Function planing: 900e​

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