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  • Saghi Helmi

Why I chose to transform my clinic into a certified DSD Clinic

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Looking back at my carrier as a dentist I have always been in search of the best experience for my patients. It started in 1994 when I graduated from ACTA dental school in Amsterdam. As far as I can remember I was always building or moving my practice and also searching within the dental field for the best treatments possible. From implants to Invisalign to aesthetic was a never ending quest. Like many other dentists this all made sense after finding myself in New York at the Digital Smile Design residency of Dr. Christian Coachman. At that point I was just curious and four days later this became a life mission. I knew that by learning and seeing what I had seen there, my dental life would never be the same. How could I not pursue what was taught to me and how could I go back to 'old school' dentistry knowing that this technology was out there?

The learning didn't stop there, no it just got started! the year to follow was filled with courses to enhance my skills and get prepared for the digital transformation that I was about to bring into my dental office and for my team.Not only that I found myself expanding the clinic to a second floor which would be dedicated to the Digital Smile Design experience and DSD patients would have their own exclusive lounge, treatment room and photography studio.The drive to do this came form the intense emotional experience we got from treating patients and giving them their confident smiles the DSD way. Taking time to listen to them, taking extra time to plan the treatments with the DSD planning center and having them feel and experience their new smile with a test drive made sense to me, my patient and my team. This was a first. See, for as long as we knew, our patients were never that involved in their treatment plan, they didn't even know what to expect until the lab sent back their work. Then they either liked it or not and the case would be redone. Now with DSD we could involve them in their plan and smile design right from the start.

Soon I found myself using the DSD protocol in all rehabilitation cases whether it involved two front crowns or twenty, whether it was a simple or complex Invisalign case, the same for implants . And everytime my patient would ask 'Dr. is it necessary to do it with DSD? can we skip this phase?' I would answer 'Yes it is, we don't want to make any compromises when it comes to your treatment plan, it's my obligation as your doctor to inform you of the best possible treatment plan and guide you into choosing the best option. I can only guarantee this following the DSD treatment plan protocol where I get to treat you fully in a software together with a team of expert specialists and smile designers, testing the outcome and then perform your treatment after fully understanding the limitations and results ."

Becoming a DSD clinic has me connected to the world's top clinics and passionate dentists worldwide on a daily basis. Not only that, but we are updated on any advancements in digital dentistry. This is fast changing technology which gets me excited everytime, especially since I will be part of the first generation digital dentists. I love to share this with my patients and my team, especially both of my children who are following my footsteps as dentists.

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