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  • Saghi Helmi

Why we love Invisalign

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

I will never forget the first encounter I had with Invisalign, this was way back in 2007 and Invisalign was mostly used to make small corrections and teeth alignment and closing gaps for adults. I loved the technology and believed that this was to be the future.

Today Invisalign is the world leader in clear aligners, with over 9 million smiles which have been aligned with Invisalign. This clear aligner can now be used for all orthodontic procedures and is by far our number one choice of clear aligners. The technology and

know how behind Invisalign is incredible. This is not to be taken lightly. Especially now that there are many clear aligners who offer their services at a lower price. What they can never compete with is the extra decade of technology which has gone into Invisalign and their user friendly patient platform to communicate remotely with their doctor.

Using iTero, their intra oral scanner, we can simulate your orthodontic treatment within 5 minutes. This way you can see and understand what needs to happen to align your smile or your bite. Not only that, using Digital Smile Design technology, as a DSD Clinic we can translate this simulation into a wearable dental mock up so you are able to Test Drive your final Invisalign Smile before you order your aligners! This feature is unique to certified DSD Clinics only.

Invisalign aligners are digitally preprogrammed which means we can track the progress of your treatment digitally. Using iTero during your monthly checks we can rescan and superimpose your current teeth position over the expected teeth position. This way we can monitor movements that need improvement or adjustment.

Not only that, but how about if we tell you we can also shorten your Invisalign treatment time??? and not just by a bit, but by half???!! Using Propel Orthodontics we can supply you with the Vpro Propel which you use 5 minutes a day over your aligners to simulate teeth movement. Using Propel you can change your aligners every 4 days instead of 7!

So as you can see, we love Invisalign and when it comes to giving you your smile for life we choose the best in the field for you.

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