Does your Clinic offer only Digital Smile Design?

We are specialised in Digital Smile Design but we offer also general dentistry for young and old.

Are there any other DSD clinics in The Netherlands?

Helmi’s Dental Care is the only recognised DSD Clinic in The Netherlands. There are other Clinics who use DSD but only stop some extent. As an authorised DSD Clinic we are updated on the newset developments in Digital Smile Design and work exclusively with DSD planning Center in Madrid and International DSD Labs to manufacture the ceramics.

How much does it cost to do DSD?

The price is different per case, depending on what needs to be done. There is an extra cost of planning your treatment which starts from 300 E, depending on your individual needs, this excludes your regular consultation fee with our expert.

Does my insurance pay for DSD?

If you have dental insurance you can claim your treatment, however sometimes your treatment involves many procedures for which you will not meet your insurance coverage. For example for a total smile makeover you may need a minimum of 12 veneers or crowns and your insurance may only reimburse one or two venners or crowns.

How long does it take to have a test drive of my new smile?

As soon as you decide to have a DSD test drive, we gather information with a mouth scan, face scan, videos and pictures where our planning center can design your smile based on your wishes within 3 days. We can then do your test drive.

How long does it take to get my new smile after the test drive?

This depends on your treatment plan. If it doesnt involve implnats or orthodontics, we can give you a new smile within 2 weeks after your test drive.

Do you accept International patients?

Yes we do, for patients travelling to us from abroad we have a concierge service to accomodate them with hotels nearby and pre plan their visit to our clinic as well as the after care. We understand that your needs are different than national patientes and time is valuable.

How experienced is your Clinic for Digital Smile Design?

Becoming a DSD Clinic involves a thorough and strict procedure from the Digital Smile Design board. We have in our Clinc a Digtal Smile Design Master and Instructor, Dr. S. Helmi and our other team members are trained in Digital Smile Design and well on their way to get their own masters.

Can you give me a smile like my favourite celebrity?

That is the beauty of DSD technology we can copy and paste any smile in yours. Our planning center in Madrid has a library of natural teeth scans, also of celebrities who have been kind enough to share their smiles when being treated in DSD Clincs. These scans can be used to testdrive your new smile. Don't be shy to let us know what you want in a smile, everything is possible.

Does my new smile need special care afterwards?

We always recommend regular visits to your hygienist to maintain your oral health which is a key factor to keep your smile beautiful, and of course your owns oral health regime on a daily basis.

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