Safety First

As a dental clinic we have always been at the forefront of hygiene measures, even before the

Covid-19 pandemic. However we have studied and adapted our protocols to even higher standards to ensure the safety of our team and patients. 

What will change at your next visit?

Apart from a higher standard of hygiene measures we will also be delivering your dental care differently. We will be saving more time for your treatments and we will be adapting SLOW Dentistry principles.

What is SLOW Dentistry?

Our SLOW Dentistry membership ensures you that there will be enough time for you in our office to receive explanation and give your informed consent for your treatment, that you will receive sedation for all treatments upon request, that your dental treatment will be performed under the best clinical conditions by isolating the teeth and treatment area and that our team has reserved time to make sure your treatment area is disinfected and your personal dental instruments sterilised .

Smile Mate

We have also added Smile Mate to our services to help assist you in communicating your dental concerns to us. With the help of Smile Mate you can upload photo's of your teeth with your phone and send them to us for review. We will then be able to give you a report back with relevant information and set you up with the correct appointment in our office.


You can find Smile Mate on our contact page.



From June 15 we will be switching to our Online Reservation system, Hygga. If you are a registered patient with us, you can make your appointments by logging into Hygga on this page.

Until then you can reach us by:

  • By Email: balie@helmisdentalcare.com

  • By Whatsapp :06-18496267  

  • By our website chat

  • By telephone: 070-3838422  (between 11:00-13:00)





Please rest assured that your safety as well as of our team is our utmost priority right now. Prior to your visit we will be sending you a short video explaining the current precautions that you will need to take when visiting us, together with a health questionnaire.

If you have any questions regarding this matter please feel free to contact us, we are here for you as always.

Thank you in advance for all your understanding in this exceptional times and stay safe and healthy.

Kind regards

Team Helmi's Dental Care

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