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Helping You To Get Healthier

Healthy teeth, healthy smile, healthy bite and healthy gums all contribute to a healthier you. Our team is dedicated to make sure your dental health is at it's best with us.

We advise regular hygiene appointments every 4 months to maintain and preserve your best smile.

We are fully trained to treat children as well as adults and welcome new patients to the practice. We do a full health screening during the first consultation followed up by intra oral scan of the teeth to inform you of your dental health and also make sure we have a digital file of every tooth to monitor changes such as tooth abrasion or gum recessions or unwanted tooth movements. Should you ever find yourself in an accident and break your teeth, we can copy paste your original tooth shape using these digital files. Now that is SMART! 

We can also analyse your bite using Tekscan and pinpoint unwanted contacts of teeth which can cause teeth grinding. Using a Tense machine made for dentists we can also help you relax those overstressed facial muscles causing you to grind and clench.

You can get in touch with us to register as a new patient today.

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